Successful Ninja Fast Person Switch Prank [VIDEO]
In a world where most of us are engrossed in our phones and social media more than what is actually going on in the real world, would you be able to notice if the person who started a conversation with you switched places mid sentence?
Conan O’Brien’s Long Lost Son [VIDEO]
Could Conan O'Brien have a long lost son?  By the looks of the guy in the photo, it's entirely possible!
This is Greg Keating, he looks a lot like Conan and even has some of the same mannerisms.  Greg posted this video on Youtube, and it's not clear whether it's a joke o…
Could Your Brain Be Hacked? [VIDEO]
The more technology advanced we become in society, the more we are potentially vulnerable to be hacked. When you think hacked, you think about computers right? But, what about the human brain? Can it be hacked too?

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