The ‘Top 10′ Dartmouth Shortcut I Strongly Disagree With
This past Sunday's paper had a clever article titled "The List: 10 Best Dartmouth Shortcuts".  I get it- people like shortcuts, hacks and any other way to be efficient these days, myself included, so obviously I felt inclined to read it.  Being a resident of Dartmouth for 30+ years, I got …
New Bedford Mayor Donates To Jilted Pizza Delivery Driver
Over 2,500 people from around the world have contributed to a fundraising account for a local pizza delivery driver. Close to $30,000 has been raised for Jarrid Tansey, the 23-year-old driver for Palace Pizza in Dartmouth seen in a viral video calmly taking verbal abuse from workers in a Westport ca…
Should You Tip For Take-Out?
Last night I used my debit card to pay for a take out meal from an area restaurant.  The bill was a few cents over $27.00, so I rounded it out to an even $30.00.