Katy Perry Sued Over GHD Hair Care Contract
Katy Perry is known for her ever-changing hair. It was a no brainer when British hair care company GHD hired her as a spokesmodel, but things have soured between the parties and they are embroiled in a "They said, she said" contract dispute, with GHD suing the singer.
Baauer Is Being Sued For “Harlem Shake”
Dj/Producer Baauer never thought his song "Harlem Shake" would blow up the way it has with the aid of youtube but now that it has I bet he never thought he'd be getting sued for it either..
Homelass Man Blames Parents And Sues Them For Not Loving Him
The Brooklyn man says his parents raised him in a poor household, and didn't love him enough. That's what 32-year-old Bernard Alexander Bay claims in the $200,000 lawsuit he has slapped on his parents for leaving him homeless and destitute.
Restaurant Sued For Singing Happy Birthday? Yes, It Happened
This is another example, in my opinion, of humanity losing thier minds. I went to a restaurant on Saturday for lunch. My daughter noticed that a few people were celebrating a birthday there, but instead of the usual joyful waiters and waitresses singing happy birthday, it was JUST the guests.

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