This Taylor Swift ’32’ Parody Is Pretty Dead On
Everyone in the world seems to love Taylor Swift's '22', no matter what your age is. So what about those of us that are above the age of 22? Maybe this song doesn't exactly do it for us them. So what if there was a version more for some of us that are more pushing the 3-0 mark, o…
What Will Be The 2013 Summer Song? [POLL]
With summer breathing right now our neck we are gearing up for the beach, parties and a whole lot of fun. One of the big questions that we keep getting asked is what the hot song of the summer is going to be. At this point, it's anyone's game.
Listen to This Kesha Mashup
We were talking about 'Mashups' earlier, a mashup is where they take a couple of songs and lay them over each other and mix them together and they actually match.

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