Diet Coke Sales Plummet
I'll be honest, I love Diet Coke. I never drink it because I gave up soda completely a few years ago, but I can't deny that I think Diet Coke is delish.
The Effects That Soda Has On Your Body
Drinking soda has its effects on the human body and researchers are still looking into what these sugary drinks do to us, so you might want to think twice about what that soda could be doing to your body before chugging it down.
Classic Drink Tab – Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
I used to go to St Joseph's School in the 80s and I remember buying a 6 pack of this stuff for our teacher Ms Riva at the end of the school year. I guess the makers of Tab really wanted to sell some soda, because the person who was in the commercial for this soft drink could do exactly that...

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