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39 Year Old Woman Hears For The First Time [VIDEO]
Thanks to cochlear implants, a 39 year old woman is hearing for the first time ever.
Joanne Milne was born deaf because of Usher syndrome. It also caused her to become legally blind in her late 20s.
In this video that was shot below, Joanne is cautioned by doctors that her ablility to hear all of…
Driver Gets In The Middle of 61 Car Pile Up [VIDEO]
Its been a tough winter day for many this week, but this is a bit on the really heavy scale.
This motorist was in the middle of a 61 car pile up in Minnesota on Monday. He captured a lot of it on his phone.
The crazy thing about the video is that you may not SEE every crash, but you can hear them all …
Dramatic Escape From Huge Fire [VIDEO]
This may look like its from a movie but its real life
A giant apartment fire broke out at the AIG campus in Houston, Texas.
A construction worker was stuck on the top floor He eventually had to jump down a ledge to escape the flames, and then was finally rescued just as parts of the building bega…
What New Bedford Summertime Event Is Best? [POLL]
Hopefully this is the last snow event of the season, and we can finally start looking forward to warmer weather.
With that said, what summertime even is the best one in New Bedford?
Since it looks like we have lost the Whaling City festival, lets vote on the remaning big summertime events that are lef…
Helmet Cam Captures Jump Off World Trade Center Tower [VIDEO]
The new World Trade Center isn't officialy open yet, but so far a couple people have made thier way to the top of it.
Daredevils James Brady, Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich secretly climbed the World Trade Center Freedom Tower in NYC at 3 in the morning to base jump off the top last Sept…
Movie Theater Previews Are Too Long
I took my daughter to see the new Muppets movie over the weekend. The movie time was 3:15pm.
Guess what time the movie started!? 3:43pm!! Thats pretty much a half hours worth of previews. The audience was getting impatient. My daughter was asking when the movie was going to start...
Store In New Hampshire Has People Spooked
I have never witnessed any kind of paranormal activity in person before, and i know a lot of it is mind games. With that said, take a look at this video about a store in Gilford New Hampshire that has the employees at the store spooked.
Madonna In A Hairy Situation
Its been awhile since we have heard from Madonna but today we have heard from her through an Instagram picture she posted.
My first reaction when Nancy Hall showed me was, "Come on!!!" I"m wondering what your reaction is going to be once you click on this link to see Madonn…

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