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Amazing Guess On Wheel Of Fortune [VIDEO]
This is nothing short of incredible!
Watch this Wheel Of Fortune contestant sole a puzzle with only two of 12 letters in the puzzle.
Pat and Vanna are beside themselves as he wins $45,000 for his efforts.
Click here to see this amazing moment...
Aquarium Breaks At Disney Restaurant
Have you ever eaten at the Rainforest Cafe, or at T-Rex in Downtown Disney?
Be careful if you sit near the fish tanks! Check out this video of one breaking during business hours at the Downtown Disney T-Rex restaurant.
The large cylinder-shaped aquarium appeared to have cracked open down the side, cau…
Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Helps Me Find A Great New Spot
One thing I love to do with my daughter Abby is watch the very popular "Diners Drive Ins and Dives". We came across an episode that had a couple Boston restaurants on it. One looked so good that I was inspired to break my routine of sticking to what I know to venture out to Boston …
Backstreet Boys Announce US Tour Dates
Your favorite boy band is BACK. Yep, the Backstreet Boys have announced a US tour, and one of the stops is Boston!
They will be at the Xfinity Center on June 20. Joining them on tour will be Avril Lavigne.
"We really wanted to put together a great show and do our best to give everyone their m…
Car Wash Generosity Makes People Disrespectful
There is a really great car wash near my home. It really is awesome. Its got a gas station, a state of the art car wash which only costs 5 bucks, a store, and tons of vacuum's. The vacuum;s are FREE!! So, you can pull right up and vacuum to your hearts content.

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