Local Officials Applaud Refrigerated Warehouse At State Pier
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito joined members of the legislative delegation and local leaders Thursday in cutting the ribbon inside the new refrigerated warehouse at the New Bedford State Pier.
State officials say the refrigerated facility will serve as a central hub in the Northeast for imported clementi…
A Cold And Snowy Winter Could Be In Store For Us
If you are planning to spent the winter in Southern California or in the desert Southwest dry, warm breezes await you.  The rest of the country, not so much.  AccuWeather says the rest of the nation can anticipate the winter weather abyss.
“Zombie” Bees Could Invade The Northeast
A bee expert told ABC news that mutant "Zombie" bees have begun to show in the Northeast where as before, they were just in California.
Apparently the bees have some sort of parasite that make them become erratic and appear to fly aimlessly and without direction, then they fall to t…