Amazing Tribute For Lance CPL Matthew Rodriguez [VIDEO]
It was an emotional day in Fairhaven and New Bedford today as a hero was honored.
A huge showing lined the streets as the procession for Lance CPL Matthew Rodriguez of Fairhaven moved down the route.
If you didn't have a chance to make it out there today, watch this amazing tribute video put toge…
15 War Movies to Get You Ready For Memorial Day
Many war films have been produced with the cooperation of a nation's military forces. The United States Navy has been very cooperative since World War II in providing ships and technical guidance, Top Gun being the most famous example.
M&M’s For The Troops
Over the weekend, my wife sent me out to get her some medicine because our entire family got hit with a bad cold. When I went to the drug store, the cashier behind the counter asked if I wanted to donate some M&M's to the Troops which I gladly gave. I found out that online M&M…