Watch More ‘Free Vavo Friday’ Now [VIDEO]
Thanks to the Portuguese Kids for bringing in Vavo. She made Valentine's Day a special one. This morning, she gave advice to listeners all around the Southcoast area, and made some new friends along the way.
Thank You For The Love And Well Wishes [VIDEO]
It was not easy making the announcement earlier today that I am leaving the Fun Morning Show and the radio station.  But I have to tell you that outpouring of love and well wishes has been overwhelming.
Should The FUN Morning Show Run Until 10 In The Morning? [POLL]
We had a few listeners call into the show this morning saying they would love to hear us continue the FUN Morning Show until 10am. Currently, our show runs every weekday from 5:30 to 9am, so would you like a another hour tacked on to kick off your workday, or are you fine with the way it is.