I still can't believe there's only a few shows left with J.R. on the FUN Morning Show. I started off as a FUN 107 listener way back in 1994, and realize how much J.R. has influenced my life over the last twenty years. So much, that I decided to work here. Mornings, FUN 107, and J.R. just went together. If you enjoyed listening to the FUN Morning Show these past 20 years with J.R., let him know about it via YouTube and send us a link so we can play a nice montage for him on Friday.

Just upload a YouTube video to your channel if you got one, and email me the link to it. It will be great seeing all of you wishing J.R. well as he heads out to Phoenix to begin another chapter in an incredibly large book called his life. I'm guessing we're up to Chapter 107 going by age? Heh.

Thanks in advance for your videos, and look forward to sending J.R. off with great memories of New England, special thanks from you the listeners, and a smile that only J.R. can make.

Here's the "Thank You" video he recorded for you. Send us the link to yours now HERE.