Street Performer In France Has An Unbelievable Voice [VIDEO]
Some of the most talented musicians and performers are found right under our noses, in public, on the streets trying to make any money they can. Some even go on to being on T.V. like America's Got Talent, or do Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercials becuase of their remarkable voice. Get a loa…
Realistic Garfield [VIDEO]
My favorite cartoon character of all time is Garfield. I remember when I was 7 years old, I made Garfield invitations for my birthday, and my Mom took those drawings and laminated them so the kids that came to my birthday could color them in. But, what if Garfield was a cat in real life?
Mexican Coca-Cola Vs American Coca Cola [VIDEO]
I am a big time Coca-Cola fan. I sigh everytime we go to a restaurant and I hear, "Is Pepsi okay?" So many places serve it that I have to give in each time. But now, there's a question whether or not Mexican Coke beats out American Coke.
The United Fishermen’s Club, Great Food, Soccer And Fun
World Cup Season is just about to begin. Soccer may not be one of the most followed sports in the U.S., but in this region it definitely is. Most people will be rooting for Portugal once the games begin, but where can you catch the games? What about The United Fisherman's Club?
Great Dane Puppy Won’t Get Up In The Morning [VIDEO]
Everyone hates walking up early for work, but 3:30 in the morning? That’s what time baker Ray Prevo wakes up. He has to get those bagels and rolls ready for the morning breakfast rush, and trying to wake up his puppy Thor is quite a hassle, because he has to be walked before Ray can …

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