World Cup Season is just about to begin. Soccer may not be one of the most followed sports in the U.S., but in this region it definitely is. Most people will be rooting for Portugal once the games begin, but where can you catch the games? What about The United Fisherman's Club?

Unless you have a ridiculous cable or satellite package, chances are you won’t have access to most of the games. Many of the local sports clubs in New Bedford and Fall River will be featuring the games. One hidden gem that will have all of the games available to watch is the United Fishermen’s Club, located in the South End of New Bedford.

Despite its name, it is not only a place for the local fisherman to congregate. They have a restaurant that features deliciously authentic Portuguese meals.

United Fisherman's Club

On Wednesdays, if you’re a fan of “cozido”, you’ll find that boiled dinner available. Other favorites include Portuguese Steak, Carne Alentejana, Chicken or Shrimp Mozambique, and of course a wide array of the best seafood, prepared fresh every day. The UFC also has a 700 person function room available for booking your next party.

The schedule kicks off on June 12th and Portugal plays Germany on June 16th. See you at The United Fisherman's Club. For a complete schedule, click here.