New Netflix Instant Movies — July 2013
You don't have to go outside to enjoy the fireworks this July -- stay inside and check out some of what Netflix Instant has to offer with the latest movies added to their streaming service. Whether you want action, comedy, or drama, Netflix Instant has a little something for everyone.
The 12 Funniest Chickens on the Web
We’ve seen our fair share of entertaining animals. Horses and birds are among our favorites, but there’s a particular version of the latter that has gotten our attention of late. Ladies and gents, today we bring you the funniest chickens on the Web, because, well, it&…
What Did Your Favorite Websites Look Like Years Ago?
The internet is pretty much all around us these days. It's on our phones, tablets and pretty much everyone owns a computer, so it's hard not to be on the internet. But do you remember when things were first starting off? Get ready to go into a time machine.

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