Hi, my name is Billy and I'm addicted to the internet. Sounds crazy right? Wrong. Pennsylvania has opening the nations first cutting edge inpatient program for Internet addiction.


According to CBS in Philadelphia, the hospital-based treatment program, led by renowned Internet-addiction expert and Psy.D. Kimberly Young, will be run by Bradford Regional Medical Center in Bradford, Allegheny County PA.

The world is losing it's mind because of the internet! Internet addiction is finally being taken seriously and has even become something of an epidemic in countries like China and Taiwan. Thank World of Warcraft for that.

The new groundbreaking treatment consists of “an intensive 10-day digital treatment and stabilization program” complete with a multidisciplinary medical team. The program is intended for those 18 and over.

According to the Center for Online and Internet Addiction, signs of online addiction include a preoccupation with online activity, lying about internet use, risking important relationships over the internet and using the internet to escape from problems, among other things.

So I just have to ask, Do you think you have a serious addiction to the internet? Break up over Facebook? Watch YouTube 17 hours a day? You may have a problem. Go to Pennsylvania.