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One Direction Gets A Little Naked
This past week Styles and Horan posted some pictures on twitter revealing their upper body nakedness and I've got two of them for your viewing pleasure..
No, Harry Styles Did Not Sext a Woman Old Enough to Be His Mom
Directioners (the super secret code name for One Direction fans) are in an uproar over a tabloid story that alleged British television host Yvette Fielding received sext messages from a then 16-year-old Harry Styles.
As expected, the girls have harnessed all the fury adolescence allows, but Fielding …
Harry Styles of One Direction Has a New Tattoo
Harry Styles of One Direction is an ink addict. The singer, recently split from Taylor Swift, has added to his ever-growing tattoo collection. His latest piece of art? A butterfly, smack dab in the middle of his chest, just below the nipples.
Taylor Swift Comes Clean About Her Love Life
We can all agree that Taylor Swift is a bit boy crazy and even though she feels that people gawking over her love life is sexist I ask her how are we not suppose to gawk when you put it out there for us..girrrl..and so naturally she discusses her her love life in the April 2013 issue of Vanity Fair.…
Taylor Swift Can’t Stop Crying After Harry Styles Split
Somebody call the wah wah wahmbulance and cue the Justin Timberlake song! Taylor Swift is crying a river.
The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer may have put on a brave face since splitting with One Direction hunk Harry Styles almost a month ago, but she can't turn off th…
Is One Direction’s Harry Styles Still a Member of His Old Band?
Much as some of us might like to believe that the members of our favorite boy bands and girl groups were brewed up in a petri dish before taking over our YouTube queues and iPod playlists, they really did have lives before they became famous -- and that includes Harry Styles of One Direction.

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