great white shark

Seal Barely Escapes Great White Shark in Cape Cod [VIDEO]
For some reason, I'm hearing more and more about sharks this year in local waters. I will admit, I am a lover of the sea and have always wanted to go scuba diving. That was of course before I saw this incredible footage of a great white off the shores of Cape Cod.
Shark Sightings Spark Tourism
I am a huge fan of shark week on the Discovery channel every year and have always wanted to get in one of those cage things to get up close with sharks in the water. So I am not at all surprised at what is boosting tourism on Martha's Vineyard this summer.
Cape Cod Scientists Will Spend Month Tracking Great White Sharks
Scientists are hoping to attach electronic devices to as many as 20 great white sharks in the waters off the Cape this month.   They will try to learn why the big increase in the number of these feared creatures in those waters over the past few years.