Emu Gerd: Escaped Emus Captured in Freetown
UPDATE: Freetown Animal Control tells us the owner of the emus has been located, and they have been returned home.
Freetown Animal Control got a call about two emus loose near the railroad tracks on Braley Road last night...
Dramatic Escape From Huge Fire [VIDEO]
This may look like its from a movie but its real life
A giant apartment fire broke out at the AIG campus in Houston, Texas.
A construction worker was stuck on the top floor He eventually had to jump down a ledge to escape the flames, and then was finally rescued just as parts of the building bega…
Cat Opens Door To Escape Kitchen With Dog [VIDEO]
If you're a pet owner, sometimes our precious little ones do things that make us think, "How did they do that?" If you're leave for work and your cat and dog are in the kitchen, and when you get home they're not in the kitchen anymore, you might have some escapees i…

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