How to Keep Your Heart in Great Shape
FUN 107 and Southcoast Health are recognizing Heart Health Month. February is all about heart health, so here are some tips to keep your heart in awesome shape.

Eat fats! I know it sounds crazy, but there are such things as healthy fats like polyunsaturated fats and unsaturated fats
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Healthiest Items On Fast Food Menus
We've all been're rushing around, need to eat something and inevitably get fast food. But you can make that stop a little better by sticking to these menu items.
Can You Drink Too Much Water?
Liquid Gold
By: Lara Harrington, ISSA, ACSM
I don't think I need to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated, but I will  :)
Water consumption is a major part of the 10 in 10 Challenge. There is a minimum daily requirement based on weight We are mostly water...
Rewarding Yourself with Food and Why That’s Not Good
The concept of 'food as reward' makes sense. But why do we do this?
Food as Reward
By: Lara Harrington, ISSA, ACSM
The concept of 'food as reward' makes sense. Only problem is the food that we have access to these days sends our brain chemistry for a such a loop that it affects ever…
A Journal Is Key For Any Succesful Nutrition Plan
If you are participating in the 10 in 10 Challenge with Boutique Fitness of New Bedford and Mattapoisett, or have worked with us in the past, then you know, when it comes to dropping inches a Food Journal RULES!
Our little black books have become synonymous with BIG RESULTS, but it's not magic (OK, m…
Tom Brady Just Released A Cookbook!
Well it was bound to happen right? For years we've hearing our boy Tom Brady talk about all the super healthy (and super gross imo) food that puts in his body on the daily. So it only makes sense he makes a buck off it right? Gotta make up for that restructured contract...

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