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Birth Control Myths Debunked [SPONSORED]
There is plenty of information out there about birth control but not all of it is accurate.  Your friends may have told you about some real wild side effects or reasons birth control fails but the truth is- they are just myths!  Family Planning, your local expert in reproductive healt…
Lawsuit Against Birth Control Maker
In every package of birth control pills, there is a paper with a statement about how the pill is NOT 100% effective in preventing pregnancies. If taken the same time every single day, it’s 99.9% effective. It is true that some women have gotten pregnant while on the pill, but it’s usually because th…
BC in 3000 BC
Birth control has always been a taboo to speak about. There are many opinions on the subject, many methods to choose from, and it has seen quite the history. This brief list might make you happy with whatever form of contraception you currently use or have used in the past...
The Vatican’s Great Debate
For the first time in perhaps the history of the Catholic church the debate on contraception, cohabitation, divorce, re-marriage and gay marriage are being put to parishioners...and I for one think this is a genius idea.
Pill Pointers, So You’ll Never Forget Again
Let's face it, most women forget to take their birth control pill at one time or another. And even though all medical experts tell us its best to take the pill at the same time every day, that may not be as easy as it sounds for everybody.