A new, futuristic form of birth control may be on the market within the coming years.

UIG via Getty Images

dailydot.com reports that a tech firm called MicroCHIPS, located in Lexington, MA is currently developing a wireless implant that can be placed in either your arm, rear or abdomen and will work via remote control.

You can turn this thing on or off.  Turn it on when you want to get pregnant and turn it off when you don't.

It seems that this little chip will take away all the hassle of going for consultations at the gynecologist, which is a relief for every woman!

This chip will work like most other birth controls and release hormones into your bloodstream.  One difference is that it will release the hormones automatically, unlike other traditional forms of birth controls where you have to remember every day to take the pill.

What's really interesting is that this chip will last for 16 years, as opposed to the other hormonal contraceptive implants which only last for about 5 years.

An estimated arrival date is set for 2018.

But don't get too excited though!  The patent still needs approval from the FDA and some kinks and side effects need to be researched and worked out first before it becomes available to you.