Who steals a Flat Screen TV when they have a ton of illegal stuff on them? These guys! A local investigation into a flat screen television stolen in Yarmouth, ended with the arrest of two alleged drug dealers at a Main Street Hyannis hotel according to Cape Cod Today.

Barnstable Police

Officers responded to a suspicious person call at the International Inn at 662 Main Street around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning. The suspect, who was carrying a flat screen television, was dropped off in front of the hotel by a taxi cab. Barnstable police officers narrowed their focus to one room with two suspects inside, 23-year-old Jordan Byers of Old Town Road in Hyannis and 23-year-old Andrew Perry of Raymond Avenue in South Yarmouth.

While watching the room, the officers watched Perry hide what they described as a "significant" amount of drugs in the ceiling tiles outside their room, police said. Perry and Byers were both placed under arrest.