Hey there,  another Billy Teed gripe session is about to begin! As a commuter between the different parts of the South Coast,  I often find myself in utter amazement watching people enter the highway and not merge correctly or even better, get mad at you for "not letting" them in. 

It's a very simple concept, that drivers seem to forget about or just not care to do. Refer back to JR's post about negitive people, and ask yourself how many of these people  you see on the road everyday? Not just the yield signs either, how about those classic 4 way stop signs?

Everyone just seems to stare blankly at each other and not have a clue as to what is happening.  Oh and don't even get me started on lane discipline? That's another huge problem right now. Yes, you bet I will give you a strange look if your in the left "passing" lane doing 45, and the speed limit is 65.

Arrrgh! I do believe the police should be able to pull you over and send you back to drivers education if you need it!!! What do you think?