Most people have pretty good lives.  Sure things happen.  We lose a loved one or a beloved pet.   Maybe there's an illness or health challenge.   Those things are part of  life.  But overall, most people are doing OK.   We'd like to have more money, or maybe a better relationship.   That's why we work hard if we're lucky enough to have a job.   That's why we work at our relationships too.  Hard work makes things better.

So what am I getting at here?    Facebook!   Why is there so much negativity and complaining?   Reading though the posts yesterday and no one seemed happy or greatful for anything in their lives.   Maybe it's just  the 300 or so friends I have chosen who are not happy .   I usually only check my FB page about once a day.  Can't remember when I last posted anything.   I thinking I'll stick to the FUN 107 Facebook page and delete my own.  Maybe I'll just do twitter.

But silly complaining - life's too short.   Sorry for the complaint.