A Johnston, Rhode Island woman is speaking out against a daycare because she claims they took away her daughter's fruit snacks for being too high in sugar. Michele Pinheiro says Little Angel's Daycare Inc. implemented a new policy regarding healthy eating and sent a letter home stating, "any food provided by the parent that is not nutritional will not be served to your child at lunch," and included a list of acceptable snacks listing pepperoni, chocolate muffins, soft pretzels, and a corn dog which don't really strike me as healthy snacks.

Little Angel's owner told NBC 10 that they are just following state laws she needed to in order to have proper licensing. and that she got the list from the USDA.

Kevin Savage, of the Rhode Island Departmant of Children and Family, said that it was not the intention DCFY to confiscate food when it is sent from the parent.

What do you think about this as parents? Do you want your daycare provider to tell you what to feed you kids or should they just leave the meal time decisions to you. Take my poll here: