So, down to the beautiful town of Plymouth we went for the 4th of July festivities. We had a good dinner, walked around a bit, then got a great spot for the fireworks.

We sat there for over an hour and then, with about 15 minutes before the fireworks were set to go off, here comes two random people who sit right down on the blanket that we brought, and had been sitting on all this time.

I thought for a minute or so on how to handle the situation at all. Typically I'm always the first to give anyone anything, and I'm sure if I was ASKED if they could sit there, I of course would have said yes, but these people didn't even look at us. Instead they plopped themselves down, and started taking pictures of each other without a thought.

I ended up saying..."SO, I guess we are sharing this blanked"? The response I got was...."HUH?", and then they talked  to each other in Spanish, and then left in an aggravated manner.

Is it just me, or is this crazy behavior? Who would even think its an option to just go sit down on someone's blanket without a thought of doing it? Its not something I would ever think of doing. Times they are a changing.