Since the announcement of their split this past winter, Robin Thicke has seemed like a man on a mission more than ever. Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton, have been together since the couple were 14 & 15 years of age. They've made it through rises to fame and successful careers for each of them. Rumors have surged that the split was due to Robin's catapult into fame after Blurred Lines and his more than friendly behavior towards women that were not his wife

Although the separation was announced as mutual, it has seemed anything but. Robin's new album is not only called Paula, it is also a soulful repertoire of songs pleading for her return to him and and a soundtrack to his sadness.

If you missed the BET awards earlier this week, Robin Thicke took the stage and publicly professed his love for Paula once again and apologized before starting his performance. This is just the latest of public appeals and professions of love from the singer to his estranged wife.