This split comes as a complete surprise to many, Robin Thicke's marriage to Paula Patton seemed to be strong, supportive, and full of love for one another but it looks like Paula has had enough of being "understanding".

When you become involved with someone I believe you are well aware as to what you are signing yourself up for, the constant support Paula Patton gave to Robin Thicke through out his career is something every women should aspire to do for there man but when the man starts to take advantage of that said supportive mentally that's when the women needs to stand up to support herself.

Reports say it was Paula Patton who called Robin Thicke to voice her want for a divorce, immediately after Robin canceled his planned show and flew to Vancouver to speak to Paula face to face. Robin does not want to split from his wife of 9 years/ love of 20 years and promises to be a better husband but Paula seems very firm with her choice. Robin should have realized its one thing when your in your own music video letting women grind on you but its another thing if you are out at a night club letting women grind on you, call me old fashioned but I believe that can be considered disrespecting your wife and taking her understanding ways for advantage.