This year, I have been invited to a total of 5 weddings and the 5 bridal/wedding showers leading up to them. The new trend I am noticing is that each of the bridal shower invitations is requesting that we bring a recipe of our own.

I've sort of been a lazy bones about participating. I have yet to contribute a recipe. Not that I hold my recipes secret. Quite the contrary. My cooking involves 2 processes. Either I follow a recipe that I found on-line and wouldn't consider my own, or I just don't use one.
When you don't use a recipe, often times the meal never tastes the same twice, unless it is an easy meal that requires few steps. But at any rate, I do it from memory and am generally open to experimentation when it comes to adding spices, new twists and ingredients.

So what is this new trend all about? Are today's young brides attempting to cook more? Or is it just a passing fad until the next new "thing to do" comes along.