Fact: You have no idea how exhausting parenting can be until you're actually doing it.

I was really convince I had a clue as to what parenting would be like before my daughter was born and I can now humbly say...I had no idea.

I think Olivia Wilde summed up motherhood rather well in an Instagram she posted earlier this week.

There really are just those days when nothing comes together. When you're woken up early, kept busy with a fussy child for hours and next thing you know you haven't gotten out of pajamas all day! I used to love spending a day bumming around in pajamas, but now it feels like a sign of a hectic day! And though there may be times when showering isn't an option until after my little one goes to bed, she absolutely makes it all worth it. Clearly Olivia Wilde feels the same way about her little cutie.

Hugging it out with my mini man. Feels so good. 💆🏻

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