Justin Bieber was caught without his shirt on in London when temperatures hover around 35 degrees and Olivia Wilde tweeted "Bieber put your f`-ing shirt on..Unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.." and as you can imagine his "Beliebers" did not like that very much..

After the very gorgeous actress Olivia Wilde told Bieber through twitter to put on his shirt many of his fans attacked her back tweeting things to her such as '@oliviawilde And you shouldn't wear a bra because you have nothing..You're flat.." Now now now Belibers I understand you all are protective of Justin but a tweet like that is just offensive what if she was telling him to put a shirt on so he would get sick I mean it was 35 degree weather..

Justin Bieber is always very outspoken on the issue of cyberbullying so I would think that after reading some of his fans tweet responses to Olivia such as "You're Ugly" would make him want to tell his own fans to calm down,she meant no harm but he has yet to talk about the situation..