What is Dogchester?  Dog treats that dogs love created by 2 guys from Baaaston.

According to Wcvb, co-founders Doug Christian and Mike Merfeld, created  2-Dogs-Treats in Dorchester. They also like to call it "dogchester".

Pet owners love their dogs and want to make sure they are getting the healthiest and tastiest treats.  2-Dogs-Treats is making sure their customers are getting what they ask for. They make sure their dog treats taste good, are healthy and the best options for pets.

Doug and Mike sold the treats online and just could not meet the high demand. They knew there was something special about their product due to its single ingredients and being all natural.

There dog treats, 2-Dogs-Treats are currently being sold in close to 80 stores right now and growing as we speak.

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino