The miles are never a match for Manny Maciel. Whether it was New Orleans during Katrina, or New Jersey after their double whammy of Sandy and the Nor'easter, New Bedford's animal control officer is there to help.   You see, not only are people victims of these disasters, their pets are as well.   There were so many home evacuations in New Jersey and New York, that the animal shelters are now full beyond capacity.  There are also hundreds of families with pets who have no access to pet food and other supplies.

Manny Maciel is now in the New York/New Jersey area along with several other members of the national Humane Society to help distribute thousands of pounds of pet food.  They will be there until all the needs are met.   The food was donated by the Mars Company, as well as by the Humane Society.

You can help from where you are right now.   If you are able to make any size cash donation, please log onto     This will go a long way to help all members of those families recover from the terrible experience they've been through..