The Market Basket saga is officially over! 

Market Baskets all around New England can now breathe a sigh of relief to know that the past 6 weeks packed with protests have finally reached a happy end. The great news came to the managers around 10pm last night that Arthur T. Demoulas is finally back as CEO of Market Basket. Thousands of employees are thrilled and even moved to tears by the outcome.


We were live at New Bedford's Market Basket bright and early at 6:30 a.m and already there were customers waiting for the doors to open. Employees rushed inside, with their fists up in the air, saying "we're back home"! Tears and hugs were spread all around the store while smiles were in abundance. We first spoke with the Manager, Bill Clark, who was extremely excited to be back in business. Listen to his full interview here: 


Clark was warmly greeted by every employee who walked in and we managed to speak to a few of them about what they were currently feeling and thoughts on this entire situation.


We also caught up with a few of the relieved employees.  They joined us this morning to tell us how they felt.  Listen here:  


We gave our insight about the successful strike during today's Morning Talker with ABC 6.  Watch below.