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Looking to Put your 14/15 Year Old to Work?
So, the kids are getting to that age, and you would love to instill some workplace skills in them, but no one is hiring anyone under 16, NOT ANYMORE!
As many of you know, Market Basket's Fall River Grand Opening went amazing...
SouthCoast Marketplace Expansion Is Finalized
According to the Fall River Development News, the former Harbor Mall and now the SouthCoast Marketplace, has finally confirmed 11 new stores for their mall. The redesigned outdoor mall includes a central plaza with dining and entertainment venues surrounding it...
Purse Snatching In Market Basket Parking Lot
New Bedford Police are urging patrons to keep a close eye on their belongings while at supermarkets and other public places.
Police say a 90-year old woman was victimized on Friday afternoon at Market Basket on Sawyer Street.  .
The woman told Police a white male about 20 years old stole her purs…

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