Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams brought another meaning to a love filled relationship after they not only got steamy with one another in the scenes of "The Notebook" movie but also continued to rub in their relationship to all of us as the began dating shortly after. McGosling fan's were all sad to see the couple break up in 2007 but looks like there might be good news to share.

Rumors of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams spending a lot of time together in recent days have surfaced. It's been said shortly after Rachel ended relations with Michel Sheen she reached out to Ryan ultimately upsetting Eva Mendes who was dating Ryan Gosling at the time but then ended her relationship with Ryan because he had commitment issues. Could it be because Ryan knows he belongs with Rachel,he did once say Rachel was one of the great loves of his life. Regardless of anything I believe all of us hopeless romantics will be pretty happy to see McGosling back together