Employees as well as customers are protesting the new management installed at Market Basket stores in June 2014. 

According to WCVB, "more than 20,000 employees want "Arthur T.'' returned to his leadership position and believe the new board of directors is more concerned with "putting profits into shareholders' pockets'' than customers' and employees' welfare."

Last Tuesday, 75 Market Basket corporate employees met with new COO Felicia Thornton and CAO James Gooch "demanding the reinstatement of Arthur T. Demoulas, and would be breaking off communication with senior management until this was done," states And Now You Know.

Employee protests have "closed the company's headquarters and a warehouse in Tewksbury and another warehouse in Andover that could affect foodstuffs reaching local stores," reports WCVB.

The store management of the New Bedford Market Basket says," so far only dairy and produce are affected. You can call ahead or stop by to see if anything else is delayed. You can also sign the petitions in the front of the store."

So far no resolution has been reached but we will keep you posted.