While many Americans live in fear of having their jobs outsourced, a U.S. company admits it recently terminated an contractor who voluntarily outsourced his work to China, just so he could get paid for wasting time online.

In a blog by Verizon, who investigated the issue, computer security expert Andrew Valentine explained that the company was surprised to see an employee's computer was being accessed from Shenyang, China. Thinking it was a hacker, experts further investigated the matter along with the employee they've dubbed as "Bob."

Instead of malicious hackers at work, they quickly found evidence of an employee who was not. Pay stubs "Bob" had created on his computer revealed that he used 50 grand of his several hundred thousand dollar salary to pay techs in China to do his work for him.

This left "Bob with quite a bit of free time from 9 til 5 to update Facebook, surf reddit and watch cat videos. The Verizon blog also notes that "Bob' was considered the best developer in the building.