Office Job Turned Adventure
Think an office assistant just sits on their keester all day?  Not this office assistant. This regular, 9-5 guy went to great lengths to make a video about how exciting his day can be if you just look at it differently
Strange Things About Working In An Office
Working in an office can be weird sometimes. People have their quirks, things don't always go smoothly and people don't always get along. I know you've got a strange work story of your own, but has anything like this ever happened to you?
Woman Squirts Breast Milk Into Carton Milk At Work
This woman wins the award for most disgusting prank of the year.
I can see how a young person may think its funny but this seems like a full grown adult woman pulling pranks on her co workers.
On the other hand, if its good enough for baby's, why not anyone...
Loren Petisce’s Classy Pink Inflatable Chair [VIDEO]
Hey Kids of the 80's! Remember when you had that disgusting, brown beanbag chair with the optional ducktape strips, to hold in any of the beads that would've leaked out? Well, Loren is trying to class up her office with an inflatable pink piece of nonsense, that almost resembles the bean…
Scott’s Halloween Candy Bowl Still Going Strong
Glad to see even in 2014, there's happiness that exists in Scott Reiniche's office. Halloween was what, three months ago? You'd expect to see the remains of candy that no one will touch, no matter how much their sweet tooth aches them. I look forward to these moments time after tim…

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