I just finished reading JR's post about what foods you can eat if you want to try to live to be 100 years old. After talking about it with our digital master BJ, we decided it would be fun to list the foods you should eat if 100 years old doesn't sound so appealing to you. So, here is our top ten:


9. PIZZA (loaded with extra cheese)

8. Candy (any kind)

7. A bacon cheeseburger

6. Any type of cookies , cake, and/or pies

5. French Fries (bonus points for toppings)

4. Cheese Puffs (a mountain)

3. Bacon (either by itself or on anything)

2. Hot Dogs...(again, toppings are a bonus)

1. TWINKIES!!!! (if you can find any)


So, go back and read JR's blog, and tell me which blog has made you more hungry!!