We are all searching for the perfect gift to give someone this holiday season, so what is the hottest item that you can pick up in 2012?The hottest gadget on the market right now is the tablet computer. No one wants them more, and unlike a few years ago, there are a variety to choose from. Depending on how you want to use them - and how much you want to spend - you can pick from several different tablets on the market.

Google Nexus 7

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This is the newest tablet  by Google. It's a great device, and bit smaller than other tablets that are similar. It has a 7" screen, and starts at just $199 for a 16 gig with WiFi capability. If you aren't planning on storing a lot, this might be just the tablet for you.

Kindle Fire

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Amazon was already going strong, but the addition of their Kindle tablets have kept them right in the running with other big companies. The Kindle comes in a few different varieties, but the Fire is most popular because it works in the same fashion as an iPad and other devices. Kindle has an advantage on the market, because they have priced some of their lower end models to start at around $159. They do go as high as $499.

Asus Transformer Pad


If you're looking for an alternative to the iPad or Apple products, then the Asus may be the way to go for you. This is the fastest Android powered tablet on the market. Plus it has an amazing camera. This one runs a bit pricey, starting at $449 and running into the mid $500s.

Apple iPad

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The king of the tablets, the iPad continues to be a crowd pleaser. With the launch of the new iPad Mini this year, you can bet that it will be on the top of the list for most tablet shoppers. This one starts at $329, and the highest price iPad Mini goes up to $529.