Best Playgrounds On The Southcoast
When the weather warms up and you want to get the kids out to play, where do you go?
Well these are some great playgrounds here on the Southcoast that are worth a visit.
Unique Locket Found at Work Out World
It would appear that someone lost a unique locket. Inside this piece of jewelry found at Work Out World in New Bedford are the ashes of a loved one. Danny Romanowicz posted a picture of the locket on his Facebook page in hopes of returning it to the rightful owner...
New Bedford Half Marathon Runners Rock
“I started transitioning from walking to running at the end of 2010 in an attempt to become healthier. I was over weight at the time. With the help of encouraging co-workers, I ran my first race in March of 2011. Seems crazy when I think that my first race was The New Bedford Half Marathon...

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