Customers visiting the Candleworks Restaurant last night got a little surprise.  Instead of being greeted with a cozy atmosphere, a grilled steak and a drink, they discovered doors that were locked up tight.

A spokesperson for the building's owner, Andrew Rocket, told us that Candleworks owner Jared Morgado hadn't paid him any rent since June of 2012.  Rocket bought the Candleworks building last spring for 1.7 Million dollars.  "It's bad business practice to not be able to collect rent from your tenants after investing so much into your building," said spokesperson, Liz Isherwood.

So what happens now?  Will there be no more Candleworks?  Isherwood says that Mr. Rocket understands the historical value of the building and the heritage the Candleworks has in New Bedford.  He is currently in negotiations with a "nationally known restaurateur" to take over the Candleworks location.  Until then, New Bedford will have to look elsewhere for fine dining.

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