Ever order something on line and not get what you paid for? and even worse, your package was filled with other peoples personal information. It happened to one man. With two weeks to go before their wedding, Emily Dreyfuss' fiance ordered a tie and pocket square from Gap chain Banana Republic's website to go with his Navy blue suit. Problem is, when the package arrived it contained confidential files of about 20 former employees, including Social Security numbers and W4 tax forms according to Yahoo News.

Emily Dreyfuss/Twitter

The package as soon as it arrived didn't look right at all. It was really heavy and didn't say Banana Republic, but Gap Inc. San Francisco-based Gap Inc. blamed the mix-up on a human mistake. Even better, the mistake happened to Emily Dreyfuss, the daughter of actor Richard Dreyfuss, who says that this mistake highlights the problems with how companies handle sensitive info.