It looks like Toys R Us started selling Breaking Bad dolls and many people are not so happy with them.

A Florida Mom has created a petition to take down a set of Breaking Bad toys that include, "a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth". Susan Schrivjer from Fort Myers, Florida, was actually a big fan of the popular T.V show. She just believes it shouldn't be sold in a place where children can have access to it. She commented that she didn't mind e-retails or big corporates like Walmart to sell the dolls, but that it shouldn't be in the aisles of Toys R Us since it is a child targeted store.

Toys R Us has released a statement saying that the toys say on the package that it is intended for children 15 and up and that they are held in the adult action figure section of the store. Many people still agree that they should not be sold in a child's toy store at all due to the show's violent content and it celebrating drug use.

We spoke about this issue on our Morning Talker today with the ABC6 crew. We all agree that we love the show and the action figures are pretty cool looking, but they just shouldn't be sold at Toys R Us. Even if it is for 15 and up, 15 still sounds a bit too young to be playing with actions figures like that.

Watch the rest of the Morning Talker down below.