All this talk of Kevin Youkilis being a traitor is crazy! The Red Sox sent him packing, and only because we have a new younger third baseman in Will Middlebrooks.

SO the fact is this, we traded him to the Chicago White Sox, were he played the rest of the season. The New York Yankees signed him to a one year 12 million dollar deal yesterday. We all like money? right? Youk didn't do anything wrong, just got a good offer from another team, it just so happens that team is the Yankees.

I know, Sox fans remember how hard it was to accept when Wade Boggs was signed by the evil empire. This I feel is completely different. Stop trashing the guy, when he played for us we loved him, now that he doesn't, it doesn't give us the right to down him all because he took a job offer.

On the other hand, I cant wait to see the reception he gets at Fenway this spring..