There's plenty of places in this world to grow up and live, but there's only one Southcoast. And here are some signs you may be from here.

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    You would not be caught dead in a Red Lobster. Cause you know good, fresh seafood and have plenty of places to go and get it locally...heck, you very likely caught it yourself!

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    You don't need to plan a vacation for a beach day. In fact it's often an after-work activity in the summertime. Picnic dinner anyone?

    Dartmouth Parks and Recreation via Facebook
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    You know how to pronounce chouriço and linguica...and it's not sure-ee-co and lynn-gwee-ca.

    Central Lobster Co. Market and Eatery Facebook page
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    You decide what you're in the mood to do by whether or not you'll have to go over the Braga Bridge.

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    You know exactly where this is and have probably taken your own picture there.