Every once in a while a television show or a movie drops a band or musician on us that seems real, but is only part of the show. They have a song, it gets stuck in your head, but there is no album to buy (usually).

Sometimes these bands make it to the charts, but it doesn't last. So we decided to go through a list of bands of TV and movies and look at some of the fake bands that we wish were real.

10. The Be Sharps (The Simpsons)

Homer, Apu, Barney and Pricipal Skinner doing their best Barbershop Quartet. If they could go on tour, you bet we would totally be in the front row.

9. Drive Shaft (LOST)

Charlie from "Lost" had his troubles on the island, but lets not forget about his rockstar past! We'll be humming this tune all day long.

8. Dujour (Josie and the Pussycats)

If Josie and the Pussycats were supposed to be like the Spice Girls, then there had to be a boy band. Dujour was exactly that, and we think they could have had a real shot at taking on NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys back in the day.

7. The School of Rock Band

Jack Black and kids playing rock music wasn't something that had us excited at first, but after we saw this movie we fell in love with this band. Encore!

6. Saved by the Bell "Friends Forever"

Alright, maybe we don't wish these guys were real, but it is great nostalgia. If they reunited and Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselar wanted to jam, we wouldn't be against it.

5. Powerline (A Goofy Movie)

A combination of Prince, Michael Jackson, and MC Hammer, no wonder these kids in "A Goofy Movie" loved this guy! Plus, you can't help but root for Max to impress the girl.

4. Spinal Tap

Alright, so Spinal Tap was kind of real. Actors playing parts, but they played live shows and put out an actual album. We just don't wish being the drummer of this band on anyone.

3. The Heights

Think of it as "Beverly Hills 90210" with instruments. This show didn't last, bu their signature song "How Do You Talk to an Angel" went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Pretty impressive for a fake band.

2. The Beets (Doug)

A take on the The Beatles, there was no band bigger in Bluffington than The Beets. The only band other than the Beets that we wish was real was Doug and Skeeter. Banging on a  trash can anyone?

1. Jesse and the Rippers (Full House)

We're pretty sure that everyone can agree with our #1 choice for bands that we wish were real. Jesse and the Rippers wer ethe best 50's style rock band on the 90's. We're not sure why they only strictly covered primarily Beach Boys songs, but they owned "Forever." We still crank it up on occasion. Okay, once a week.