If it's not odd enough that a cat missing from a Long Island home turned up alive and well in the heart of New York City six months later, as it turns out, it was a zombie that rescued him.  Disaster the cat was found by 22-year-old Jeremy Zelkowitz, who dresses up like a zombie and scares tourists as part of his job promoting the Times Scare haunted house in Manhattan.  Zelkowitz spotted the cat crossing 42nd street and scooped him up.  The zombie couldn't take him home because he already has a dog.  But as an animal lover, Zelkowitz had the cat scanned at a vet's office, and a microchip revealed his owner, NYPD officer Jimmy Helliesen.  The cop adopted Disaster two years ago after finding him as a stray in the city.  But shortly after moving to Long Island six months ago, the cat made his escape.   The cat and his owner have been reunited.