That's right.  If you can't wait until Apple iPhone season hits us in mid-September, why wait?  Preorder to get your iPhone 6 now, but it'll cost you.

According to CNET, luxury retailer Brikk has put its Lux line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for preorder on its site. You can order a black or white iPhone 6 finished in 24-karat yellow or pink gold. A pure-platinum version is also available.

Still interested and have more money? What about getting the Apple logo encrusted with 1.08 carats worth of diamonds? Here's the bad news. Even though this will only set you back $4,495 to $8,795, it will be available about a month AFTER the iPhone 6 goes on sale through Apple and other retailers. I would just wait.

Here's a fun rumor though. Apparently the iPhone 6 might have 128gb storage which will be the first time that's offered to the iPhone.